Foam acoustic underlay

Item No.: JIADONG FA-0001
JIADONG foam underlay is made from  rubber foam  with PU binder, which is widely used for sound proof and shock reduction for sports and buildings


Rubber is a naturally occurring, sustainable material and JIADONG Rubber underlay is itself fully recyclable.

Being manufactured without blowing agents, JIADONG has a zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) and zero GWP (global warming potential).



Acoustic insulation product for use beneath screeds on concrete floors and as an impact sound insulator and cushioning underlay for textile floor finishes, timber overlays, and laminate flooring.

Robust Detail Approved product on pre-cast concrete floors in accordance with Robust Detail

Limited system “E-FC-4“.

Site tested for compliance with the new Approved Document E on various concrete and timber floors.


Dense, robust, rubber product supplied in rolls.


Color: Black with some colored particles.

Surface: Smooth, granular.

1m*10m size or by order

Available thickness: 3-12mm.  Density: 800+/-50 kg/m3

Physical Characteristics

Tensile strength: min. 0.5N/mm2 (DIN 53571)

Elongation at Break: approx. 50 % (DIN 53571)

Service Temperature Range: -30℃ to + 80