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Gym design sevice and solutions

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If you’re looking to install a gym with modern fitness equipment that is stylish and fit for purpose then we can guide you through the process and make sure the specification is built to your exact requirements. We have extensive knowledge of fitness equipment, the best place to source them and expertise in how to design a well-equipped gym where you can train productively and conveniently.

Our logistics and installation team will make the whole process a smooth operation from start to finish advising on lead times for equipment, providing exact time and date of delivery and, where possible, assembling equipment off-site prior to delivery so disruption and time spent at your property is kept to a best solution. 

Consultation Process
From the initial consultation using our design brief questionnaire we will listen carefully to your gym design ideas, making sure we clearly understand what you would like to achieve. We will then assemble several design options that will work within your budget and devise preliminary layouts giving you the chance to visualise the gym equipment in situ and how the final design might look.  We achieve this via 3D rendering, enabling you to see from the outset the gym area you would like to create, prior to any financial commitment. 

Once you are happy with the overall design and layout we will then advise on gym equipment and how the gym project will unfold, including the timescales to install flooring, mirroring and the lead times for the equipment. Our gym installation team will assemble all the equipment so you all you have to worry about is making the most of your gym once it’s complete and getting fit and healthy. As part of our one stop shop gym service we will also provide training on how to make the most productive use of your gym equipment.